Spring in Colorado

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Spring is trying…

News on the work front.  For the past few years the company I work for, NC Telecom, has been battling cashflow problems stemming from a massive $12MM loan from the feds for rural communications infrastructure improvements.  Last year the stock owners (UBTA Communications, a Utah-based ILEC) stripped down the company and put me in charge.  Unfortunately, the only choice was to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy which we did in October 2005.  I’ve certainly learned a lot about how reorganization works, and I’m working on a plan to emerge later this year with the company intact and continuing to serve the region.  Unsettled times, but exciting in a way.

Sandi has taken the plunge and gotten back into the food business again, with a different twist.  We opened unofficially last week:

We make and sell fudge and other goodies like Jelly Bellies, as well as some gift items.  The kitchen is located in the same building as the local flower shop.  We’ll see how it goes.

The Quintus suit is settled, but still pending disbursement of proceeds until the Delaware Class Action is confirmed.  I’ve stopped believing dates, but it may happen this summer.