Spring is here

by | Apr 6, 2008 | All (Home), Horses, Weather | 0 comments

It came about mid-month and the days have been getting warmer ever since.  We are well on our way to completing projects around the house, something we couldn’t even thing about doing this time of year up in Meeker. Today I burned the irrigation ditches in the front and back of the property:

We bought the house and property that is adjacent to ours, primarily because of its location.  It sits between our property and the main road.  It went into foreclosure last year and it finally hit the market.  Not a super deal, but we will be able to cover our cost by renting it out.  It also increased our land by almost 2 acres.  If you look at the property image I posted earlier, it is the house and land at the top of the pic between us and the road.

Last year we were able to get one of the mares bred and she is due in about 45 days  We’re breeding the other 2 now for pony babies next year.  Here is a pic of Sandi with momma: