Great New Email Client

by | Feb 26, 2010 | All (Home), Web/Tech | 0 comments

And then there was Postbox.

I don’t usually plug software on this blog but I have to make an exception for Postbox.  I switched from Outlook several months ago and I love this alternative written by some of the key developers from Mozilla and Thunderbird who have now embarked on their own project. It represents how mail should be done. The price is right,. Try it for free,

Postbox offers you powerful new ways to find, use, and view email
messages and content, organize work life, and simply get things done.
Postbox works behind the scenes to catalog everything in your email:
every bit of text, every contact, address or link, every picture,
document or attachment. This smart information engine provides you with
ultra-fast search, smarter and more intuitive views, and tools to help
you organize and focus.

It has add-ons that sync everything with your Google address book and calendar as well as other services. You need to check it out.  Postbox is available for Windows and Mac OS X