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Honey Crisp Apples

We planted a Honey Crisp Apple tree 2 years ago and this year it finally came to fruit.  They are sweet and juicy right off the tree and Sandi has made several apple pies.  MMMMMmmmm. Another pretty good iPhone pic...

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mmmm, asparagus

All along the irrigation ditch that runs adjacent to our property we have the best volunteer asparagus.  On any given day we can just take a walk and pick as much as we need for a great snack or dinner compliment.  It is so...

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Thanksgiving, a time for family

This holiday season has started.  The weather here in Delta is just about perfect for fall, crisp with a chill that reminds you of what is on the way.  I'm going into this season with anticipation of Christmas without hospitals, in good health.  I am so grateful to...