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Holmdel Park & Bell Works Ride

Longest ride to date. Left around 1pm and headed to Holmdel Park. Only took about 45 minutes. After cruising aropund there a bit on the wooded trails we rode to Bell Works, just over a mile away. What a neat place. Grabbed some coffee and headed home. Nice 3 hour trip.

New iPhone coming with 3MP camera

But the existing 2MP takes pretty good shots already.  This is a pot on the back porch.

Sunset over the Cimarrons

Sandi and I went to Montrose to help Jeff and Leta paint their house and do some grading with the Bobcat.  It was a fun day that culminated with dutch-oven ribs server outside under a beautiful sunset. The image below was taken looking almost straight up as the sun...

Walking Confluence Park

I've been walking almost daily for the past couple months and my latest location is a 5 mile loop around the lake and next to the river.You can check my progress at RunKeeper.com

First heavy snow

Home to the Peacock in the previous post

Beautiful water feature at Magnolia Park.  I went to a bluegrass festival there last weekend and the views were nice, but the music wasn't to my taste.  Not your typical Bluegrass, more like toothless swamp folk singing colloquial lyrics about life.  

Overflow Pond from Lake

Taken during my walk with Panzer at the lake.

It Didn’t Explode!

It's the time of year to burn the fields in preparation for the new hay season.  I have a bit of pyromania in my blood so I always look forward to this task.  Armed with my LP tank and weed burner attachment I set out burning the field south of the house.  All went...

We’re famous! Look at us!

^^ Sandi was featured in a gallery exhibition in Denver. ^^ They put me on a gate fence just at the entrance, I drew quite the crowd. Hehehe, actually it is just a new free iPhone app called PhotoFunia that embeds your photos in a number of different and fun...

Bette discovered TV

After 6 years Bette has decided that she likes watching NatGeo and Animal Planet.

Rest In Peace Bauer

Today after more than 13 years we had to say goodbye to the 3rd of the original 3blackdogs.  Skansen's JA Bauer was a big, lovable brute that never seemed to grow up.  He was always the low man on the totem pole but took it all in stride.  A bit goofy, he often...


This isn't to suggest that my pal Panzer was a victim of cancer, it was tagged as part of an online support photo shoot.  Panzer was the victim of his own exuberance and was taken in a vehicle accident on the road near home.  My consolation is that I was there and...

Clouds and snow #cloudporn

Panzer and Dad. Ride in the pickup.

Relax. #cigar #espresso

Just updating…

We have been working on the rental and things are going well.  We have a couple all lined up with 3 horses and a teenage daughter, and we hope to have them moved in by the 2nd week of June.  The house is on 1.5 ac and is a 3 BR 1 BA with a really nice bunkhouse behind...

Maryland Blue Crabs

Before: After:

A New Baby Colt

Sandi acts as the breeding and babysitting facility for our babies as well as her brother and sister-in-law. This fella is from Dollie, one of Jeff and Leta's mares.  No name yet.


Took a trip to Disney Epcot, haven't been there in 20 years or so. Had a great day just walking all around Bay Lake visiting all the countries. Lunch at Tutto Italia Ristorante in Italy and dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse in the Yacht Club Resort. Beautiful water...

Changed from Running to Cycling

Well, it happened. This year I discovered that my body just doesn't handle the impact of running any longer. I've been using Runkeeper to track my running and walking activity since July of 2010. In that time I've tracked over 500 runs for a total of 980 miles. It was...
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Everyone seems to get butt-hurt so easily these days.  At least the Irish don't get offended easily. I don't see them demanding that Lucky Charms change their name or stop using the diminutive supernatural being in Irish folklore, the beloved...

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For the last few years I've been doing pro bono web development work on and off for several German Shepherd rescue organizations, in addition to my job at the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library. There's also been a paying gig along the way that I stumbled upon. German...