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Ricky & Diane

Recent Pics

Here's a few recent pics to keep things updated. Replaced my old DeBot brand robot vacuum with a new Wyze  Robot Vacuum. It's faster and uses Lidar to map each room for very efficient cleaning. Next up is Drago sitting so handsome in the back yard. Lastly is a DNA...

Fall at the Park

Bette leads the way as we walk through the fallen leaves of autumn.

The bridge at Confluence Park

My daily walk/run takes me through Confluence Park just a few miles from home.  This swaying bridge is in the wooded section and crosses over the Uncompahgre River, just about where it joins the Gunnison River. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbQJt3-M0E0 [mappress...

Cigar & Espresso

Sitting outside Doghouse Espresso having a Romeo y Julieta and a 4-shot Grind.

Overflow Pond from Lake

Taken during my walk with Panzer at the lake.

Skid Vicious has surgery

Sandi took her baby colt to have minor surgery done on his leg. He had a tendon issue that needed a slight tweak. All seems well and he is up and around only hours after waking.

Irrigation ditch work

Spent a few days building an irrigation diversion box and began the installation yesterday.  Had to break out the side of the concrete V-ditch to make a connection to the new diversion box.  I'll post some 'after' pics in a few days, but this is one taken during the...

Big Snow

It snowed on and off for almost 48 hours and we got about a foot of the white stuff, Drägo looks good in it.

Morning haze and clouds

The Orlando Eye

The Wheel at Icon Park opened on May 4, 2015 and I finally went to check it out! My flight time was scheduled for 4:45 (tickets online in advance), but I received an email about an hour ahead saying it was 'not in operation' and that I could make use of my...

Douglas Pass #mountain #sky

Clouds and snow #cloudporn

English can be weird…

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas from Willow Street, Port Monmouth, New Jersey Drago is actually a very friendly boy who is trained well. In the photo above he was just responding to the "speak" command. He is passing along best wishes to everyone for the...

Nature Is Beautiful

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken with my iPhone and post-processed with iPhone applications.  I seldom carry my Canon 20D anymore except in situations where I need to use the big 400mm telephoto lens.


Not a fan of pumpkin ale. Don't like most 'flavors' added to my beer or cigars or pipe. [shrugs]

It’s Too Dang Cold!

Look at forecast! Headed to -13 degrees!

I Want One Of These (redux)

Edible from our garden

I didn't know that artichokes bloomed like this!

An Early Birthday Present

Just a quick post to put up a picture of our newest family additions.  Please meet Sherman and Panzer, our new 9 week old puppies! They are just adorable!  Soft and cuddly and they get along with Bette just fine.  Oh, and they're standard Poodles.  [snicker]

Old ice box to booze cabinet

iPhone 3G Jailbreak pending…

Link: blog.iphone-dev.org.  I'm waiting impatiently for the dev team to release the jailbreak for iPhone 3G.  Looks like it is still a few days away.  While the new 3G has access to all the apps in the iTunes App Store, there are still a lot of programs...

Christmas Tree Trimming

Sandi and I got the tree up this afternoon.  We skipped a few years recently and it was a lot of fun unwrapping ornaments we haven't seen in a while.  Here are some pics, all from the iPhone:
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For the last few years I've been doing pro bono web development work on and off for several German Shepherd rescue organizations, in addition to my job at the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library. There's also been a paying gig along the way that I stumbled upon. German...

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Holmdel Park & Bell Works Ride

Longest ride to date. Left around 1pm and headed to Holmdel Park. Only took about 45 minutes. After cruising aropund there a bit on the wooded trails we rode to Bell Works, just over a mile away. What a neat place. Grabbed some coffee and headed home. Nice 3 hour...

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Everyone seems to get butt-hurt so easily these days.  At least the Irish don't get offended easily. I don't see them demanding that Lucky Charms change their name or stop using the diminutive supernatural being in Irish folklore, the beloved...