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Beer n smoke break #cigar #beer

We’re famous! Look at us!

^^ Sandi was featured in a gallery exhibition in Denver. ^^ They put me on a gate fence just at the entrance, I drew quite the crowd. Hehehe, actually it is just a new free iPhone app called PhotoFunia that embeds your photos in a number of different and fun...

Gymnastics c.1968 UofM

Prep for 5K tomorrow

  Had some weather during my carb loading...  Clouds are real, lightning and temp overlay via InstaWeather app.

We have arrived in Colorado!

Well, we completed our move from Bakersfield to Meeker on November 1, 2001.  Everyone arrived safely and the people, dogs and horses are all fine.  We live about 3 miles outside of town on County Road 4, on the mesa overlooking Meeker and the White River...

Home to the Peacock in the previous post

Beautiful water feature at Magnolia Park.  I went to a bluegrass festival there last weekend and the views were nice, but the music wasn't to my taste.  Not your typical Bluegrass, more like toothless swamp folk singing colloquial lyrics about life.  

Oakridge Gun Range

Haven't been out shooting in a few years.  Picked up a box of shells and went with a few friends to see how much edge I have lost.  To my surprise I seem to be at least as accurate as I was when I was going regularly.  I'm not really great, but I can still hit the...

Rancher in Delta, CO

Alfalfa ready to be baled.

3rd and final hay cutting

Love this burger

Christmas season has started

I thought I'd launch the season with a pic taken in 2004 or 2005.  I dressed up as Santa at the NC Telecom offices and greeted kids and adults alike.  Bad Santa.

Repticon – Sharing Reptiles with the World

OK, not really my kind of show but it was there at the fairgrounds and it called my name.  Strange froup of folks attend this event.

Brisket for lunch!

Went to the Central Florida BBQ Blowout at the Oveido Mall parking lot today. At this humongous two-day barbecue competition/celebration, more than 80 teams – both professionals and backyard amateurs – compete hard for the win, and visitors get to taste the luscious...

I’m finally back here again

Looks like I'm getting an entry in here about once every year, whether it needs it or not. I never was good at journals. Well, the Flag Creek Cafe lasted until about July 15, at which time we completely understood why the restaurant business is so different from the...

Just a Sunday Ride

Bike ride on the Henry Hudson Trail, first stop was Off The Hook Restaurant & Bar for a quick Yuengling. On the way back home stopped at Water Witch for a coffee. Great local jam, lots of blues and a great rendition of the Stones Dead FLowers.

Big Snow

It snowed on and off for almost 48 hours and we got about a foot of the white stuff, Drägo looks good in it.

Fall ’06

Well, a lot has happened since my last post.  The Fudgey Duck closed rather quickly, primarily due to landlord/tennant problems.  Its just as well, I'm happy to not have a business to keep Sandi away from home every day.  We may re-visit it later, but...

Cigar & Espresso

Sitting outside Doghouse Espresso having a Romeo y Julieta and a 4-shot Grind.


I love my flags

Sandi got me the flagpole several years ago for Christmas but I didn't I install it until last month. I especially like the Gadsden flag. It is in our back yard.

Are Ya Bored With Cycling Posts Yet?

After several days of rain it finally warmed up a bit (48°) so I took a long ride to Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area. Total of about 21 miles. There were some Kite Surfers in the cold waters on the bay side. [video width="1920" height="1080"...
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