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#cloudporn Roads End

Great Memorial Day Burgers

But first, a thought and a prayer for all those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great country, as well as those who have returned with physical and emotional scars. Thanks So, ain't that a swell  lookin' burger?

Storm coming #cloudporn

Wood Stork

Spent some time at the lake at the Orlando Fairgrounds watching wildlife.  The Wood Storks were content to stand nearby and splash in the shallows, but eventually took off for parts unknown.   Below: Splashing in the water   Below: Finally got camera shy and...

We’re Official Apple Fanbois (sorta)

Sandi was the lucky recipient of an Apple MacBook Air for Christmas and she loves it.  I have had my MacBook Pro for almost a year and I too really like OS-X and the laptop design.  In addition we both have iPhones and we're pretty much entrenched in...

Fall ’06

Well, a lot has happened since my last post.  The Fudgey Duck closed rather quickly, primarily due to landlord/tennant problems.  Its just as well, I'm happy to not have a business to keep Sandi away from home every day.  We may re-visit it later, but...

Early Morning Run!

Got up early and drove 30 minutes north to Blanchard Park for the Orlando Runners Club 5K. This was a spur of the moment idea when I ran across a blurb for the run online.  I haven't done a full 5K for several years but felt I was in shape enough to do it in 2min/1min...

Photos From The Past 1

A New Baby Colt

Sandi acts as the breeding and babysitting facility for our babies as well as her brother and sister-in-law. This fella is from Dollie, one of Jeff and Leta's mares.  No name yet.

2nd Cutting, Sub Par

We need more water in several areas of the field.  This fall we're going to mark it heavily to promote water flow and fertilize. Rest time after watching our neighbor cut and bale it.  Watching is tough work!

Stringing fence

Today I added some cross fencing to the horse pasture. It's easy. Just push in t-posts with the Bobcat , cover with the HorseGuard plastic sleeves, pop in the tape guides and string the electric tape.

Visitor For Thanksgiving

Our good friend and previous neighbor from Bakersfield, Stephanie came to visit over the holiday.  We had a great time just gabbing and enjoying time and food together.

Myrtle Beach/Missouri Trip

Took a trip and visited my sister and some friends. The weather was beautiful all week, spent every day in the ocean, 82 degree water. After leaving Myrtle Beach I headed for MO to visit Joe, Anita and Christine.  Although it rained most of the time, it was perfect...

A Classic Explanation

Nikon D5500 Review: Digital Photography Review

Source: Nikon D5500 Review: Digital Photography Review Well, getting back into photography a bit, purchased an enthusiast level Nikon.  Opted out of the kit lens and got a great deal on a decent zoom until I can afford a good lens.  Hopefully photos will follow....

Sunset and update

I have been remiss in my posting here so I thought I'd offer up an iPhone photo for your enjoyment.  It was taken using the iPhone app called Panorama that automatically stitches together two adjacent photos.  The frame was added wit the app Photogene. On the...

I’m eating well…

Round Bales This Time

After we cut there were several days of light rain and the hay was a bit heavy,  It dried well but our neighbor thought it would be better if he used his big round baler rather than the small baler.

Blast from the past

Had a long phone conversation with an old friend from Mustang Software yesterday. We hadn't talked for years and years. It was fun catching up on things and seeing the changes in our respective lives. I'll have to devote some time and energy into renewing those...


Everyone seems to get butt-hurt so easily these days.  At least the Irish don't get offended easily. I don't see them demanding that Lucky Charms change their name or stop using the diminutive supernatural being in Irish folklore, the beloved leprechaun. 

I love my flags

Sandi got me the flagpole several years ago for Christmas but I didn't I install it until last month. I especially like the Gadsden flag. It is in our back yard.

New iPhone coming with 3MP camera

But the existing 2MP takes pretty good shots already.  This is a pot on the back porch.

Home to the Peacock in the previous post

Beautiful water feature at Magnolia Park.  I went to a bluegrass festival there last weekend and the views were nice, but the music wasn't to my taste.  Not your typical Bluegrass, more like toothless swamp folk singing colloquial lyrics about life.  
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Just an update

Just an update

Spent a bit of time updating the pics pages and moving the site as a sub-web of my weatherweather.net site.  I've always been interested in weather phenomenon and after leaving Bakersfield it dawned on me that I'm finally living in an area that actually HAS...