We’re Official Apple Fanbois (sorta)

by | Dec 28, 2008 | All (Home), Homestead | 0 comments

Sandi was the lucky recipient of an Apple MacBook Air for Christmas and she loves it.  I have had my MacBook Pro for almost a year and I too really like OS-X and the laptop design.  In addition we both have iPhones and we're pretty much entrenched in the Apple world.  The iPhone is really an amazing device. Sandi carries it all the time, plays games (Scrabble), keeps her email and appointments and surfs the web. We both use the iPod functionality on the phones with headsets and connected to our portable Bose player.  They also link to the Alpine unit in our truck. We even did away with our Qwest home phone and use the iPhone exclusively.  Our Internet comes via a wireless regional ISP that give us almost 3MB. It feeds to an Apple Time Capsule which acts as a wireless router and 1TB network drive for backups. I still have several Windows Vista PCs including the Quad-Core Dell XPS that runs my weather software and its web site.  I also installed a Windows Home Server with 2TB for backup of the Windows PCs and as additional network storage for both Win and Mac systems.

In reality, while I like the Apple products I own, I am far from a fanboi.  I find just as many issues with Apple as Microsoft.  I do like to think of myself as more 'well-rounded' in the computer arena these days. ;)  Carry on.  AYBABTU