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Happy Birthday USA!

Independence Day video from my deck in 720p HD taken with and edited on my iPhone with the iMovie app.  After it starts, change to 720p mode (lower right). httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5smQ7JYvjv4

Getting settled in

Believe it or not, we are still unpacking stuff.  I worked all day in the garage today and didn't make a dent. A few weeks ago I did get my weather station installed and it is operating with almost all features enabled.  I still have to hang the lightning detector,...

Cigar & Espresso

Sitting outside Doghouse Espresso having a Romeo y Julieta and a 4-shot Grind.

Recent Rides

Over the past week or so I've done a lot of riding. Rode to work at the library, back to Water Witch coffee in Highlands, to and from Camp K Nine, and to the Keyport watefront. 

Having a beer with my little friend

He was under my table. He talked me into saving up to 15% on some great discount auto insurance.

Last Panzer pic today. Promise

Douglas Pass #mountain #sky

2nd New Foal This Year

I just realized that I didn't post a pic of the new colt born Sunday May 3. The photo below was taken when he was 7 days old.  His momma was a maiden mare and both baby and momma were challenged by the whole nursing thing.  Baby didn't know where the teat was or what...

Rode my bike to Work!

Had our first day of warm weather (65 degrees) so I decided to ride my bike to work. The Library is about 8 miles from home, but the first 7 miles is on the Henry Hudson Trail. The last mile or so is on surface streets but the traffic isn't too bad. It was dark coming...

Long Fall Shadows

I just thought that the evening shadows were delightful.  Fall is here.

Our iPhone 3G S Warranty

On release day Sandi and I both got the new iPhone 3G S models and they are great.  Last week, after having the 3G S only 10 days or so, we were playing Scrabble together over WiFi in bed when all of a sudden the entire left one-third of her screen inexplicably went...

Panzer the Poodle

2nd Cutting, Sub Par

We need more water in several areas of the field.  This fall we're going to mark it heavily to promote water flow and fertilize. Rest time after watching our neighbor cut and bale it.  Watching is tough work!

Wings n fries n beer

We may be moving…

Although we have listed the house for sale in the past, the market momentum has increased here and delivered a buyer.  We have a good, firm offer and the closing is set for July 2.  Of course we immediately went looking ourselves and we found a nice place in...

Changed from Running to Cycling

Well, it happened. This year I discovered that my body just doesn't handle the impact of running any longer. I've been using Runkeeper to track my running and walking activity since July of 2010. In that time I've tracked over 500 runs for a total of 980 miles. It was...

Bankruptcy hearing in Denver

I've recently returned from testifying in the NCT case and it reminds me why I was happy to leave the legal arena.  For the last three years I have steadfastly tried to guide NCT forward for the benefit of the creditors, local community and ultimate new...

Storm coming #cloudporn

Holmdel Park & Bell Works Ride

Longest ride to date. Left around 1pm and headed to Holmdel Park. Only took about 45 minutes. After cruising aropund there a bit on the wooded trails we rode to Bell Works, just over a mile away. What a neat place. Grabbed some coffee and headed home. Nice 3 hour trip.

Enjoying my new patio and fireplace

Family got together and built a new patio area complete with a fireplace.  Great spot to relax. Wine and fire is good for the soul.

Alfalfa ready to be baled.

Some iPhone 3G S Photos

Took a few shots yesterday while working around the house.  Got a fine pic of our vegetable garden showing how well the corn is doing, and another of the bunny that escaped from our neighbors kids. That bunny is going to be hard to catch.

Irrigation ditch work

Spent a few days building an irrigation diversion box and began the installation yesterday.  Had to break out the side of the concrete V-ditch to make a connection to the new diversion box.  I'll post some 'after' pics in a few days, but this is one taken during the...
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Recent Pics

Recent Pics

Here's a few recent pics to keep things updated. Replaced my old DeBot brand robot vacuum with a new Wyze  Robot Vacuum. It's faster and uses Lidar to map each room for very efficient cleaning. Next up is Drago sitting so handsome in the back yard. Lastly is a DNA...



Everyone seems to get butt-hurt so easily these days.  At least the Irish don't get offended easily. I don't see them demanding that Lucky Charms change their name or stop using the diminutive supernatural being in Irish folklore, the beloved...



For the last few years I've been doing pro bono web development work on and off for several German Shepherd rescue organizations, in addition to my job at the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library. There's also been a paying gig along the way that I stumbled upon. German...

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Recent Pics

Here's a few recent pics to keep things updated. Replaced my old DeBot brand robot vacuum with a new Wyze  Robot Vacuum. It's faster and uses Lidar to map each room for very efficient cleaning. Next up is Drago sitting so handsome in the back yard. Lastly is a DNA...

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Hyperlapse Video

About 7 minutes of Hyperlapse video of my 40 minute ride home from work at the Matawan Aberdeen Library. It starts off on surface streets for about 1.5 miles but the balance of about 6 miles is on the Henry Hudson Trail which parallels the Ocean, sometimes only a...