IP Change Completed

by | Mar 3, 2009 | All (Home), Web/Tech, Work | 0 comments

…and not a day too soon.  We spent the last half of the month replacing cards in our Alcatel and Cisco hardware and finally established a stable DS3 circuit on February 25th.  Bryan spent every night for the next 5 days updating routers while I handled the customer notifications and DNS, WEB and other updates.  We completed the cut just hours before the month-end deadline.

Although here are still a few remaining small issues,  our new Internet feed is humming along happily.  Previously we were only receiving about 15-20MB from our provider and now we have a full 45MB from a major telco, which is less than half used.

The graph clearly show how usage increases in the morning just after our customers get to work and have a cup of coffee.  All is well.