More iPhone stuff and NCT update

by | Apr 8, 2009 | All (Home), Web/Tech, Work | 0 comments

As if you were interested.  I've been running the v3.0 beta for weeks now and it is nice.  But the really exciting news is the new hardware that is probably going to be released, probably in June.  I plan on pushing my current 16GB 3G phone to Sandi which will give her all the new features of v3.0 and buying the new phone, whatever they call it.  She needs to get away from the old 8GB v1 phone. 

NC Telecom's bankruptcy is winding down nicely.  The asset distriution is underway and is expected to be confirmed by the court next Tuesday.  Although the specific details are confidential, I can say that the current parent company UBTA/UBET Communications will retain ownership of the operational assets and continue to provide services to the community, and a job for me!  WOOT!