Early Morning Run!

by | Jun 14, 2015 | All (Home), Food and Drink, Health, Lifestyle, Runkeeper | 0 comments

Got up early and drove 30 minutes north to Blanchard Park for the Orlando Runners Club 5K. This was a spur of the moment idea when I ran across a blurb for the run online.  I haven’t done a full 5K for several years but felt I was in shape enough to do it in 2min/1min run/walk intervals.  It went very well! My heart rate maintained the 70%-80% aerobic range and I felt good the entire time.

After the run the club invited everyone to the Mellow Mushroom for free pizza and beer!

⇓ Later in the day I went to Clermont to check out the Caribbean Jerk Festival.  Unfortunately it was a disappointment, booths filled with local real estate and other vendors.  The music was just OK and the chicken didn’t look that good; a fellow attendee confirmed so I didn’t get any.  Still a nice trip, and a beer on the beach is always a good thing. ⇓