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Photos From The Past 1

Spring has arrived in Delta


Storm coming #cloudporn

Sandi is the Pied Piper

Sandi and the geese get along great. They sit in her lap and peck lightly at her rings and bracelet as she pets them. After a bit they quiet down and just relax and poop on her LOL.

Ma Famiglia in Meeker

Went to lunch with Brandy, Matt, Justin, Dakota, Jimmy, Eva and Sandi.  We were there for Justin's opening game 'Cowboy Football!'  Beer choices are sometimes hard, but Drop Top carried the day, and we found that mother Eva reallllly liked it!

St. John’s River Arts Festival (Sanford)

Lots of regional artists showing everything from photography to interactive art.  Here is a example: There was also a human statue water fountain: http://youtu.be/eIgPoW6wcjI

Geese on Lake

Photos taken with iPhone 4 and post-processed on iPhone using PhotoStudio and sometimes Photogene2.  Watermarks from iWatermark.

Nests #egg #breakfast

Just me. Hi everyone!


Not much news recently.  As if you wanted to know, I had hernia surgery, all went well.  We have had a very mild winter so far, we're in the middle of the second warm spell which is melting all previous snow causing a 2nd mid-winter 'mud season'.  The...

Spring is here

It came about mid-month and the days have been getting warmer ever since.  We are well on our way to completing projects around the house, something we couldn't even thing about doing this time of year up in Meeker. Today I burned the irrigation ditches in the front...

Photos From The Past 2

This set has more recent photos, youngest at age 11 in the Drum Corps.

Blast from the past

Had a long phone conversation with an old friend from Mustang Software yesterday. We hadn't talked for years and years. It was fun catching up on things and seeing the changes in our respective lives. I'll have to devote some time and energy into renewing those...

Bonfire for Jeff’s birthday

Sandi and I invited Jeff and Leta for dinner for his birthday and lit up a huge pile of brush and other stuff we had gathered from around the property over the summer.  It was quite a display!  I snapped this great silhouette of Jeff while he was tending the fire....

Christmas season has started

I thought I'd launch the season with a pic taken in 2004 or 2005.  I dressed up as Santa at the NC Telecom offices and greeted kids and adults alike.  Bad Santa.

Got a new camera

After 10 years or so without a good 35mm SLR I finally bought a Canon EOS 20D Digital SLR.  I'm having a lot of fun taking more photos, especially with the Canon 100-400L USM IS telephoto lens.

Sand Crane Streetwalkers

These guys roam the neighborhood regularly. Took this just before sunset from about a foot away. No Fear.

I love my flags

Sandi got me the flagpole several years ago for Christmas but I didn't I install it until last month. I especially like the Gadsden flag. It is in our back yard.

My Adoring Fans

Cocoa Village BBQ & Blues

The 5th Annual festival was held in the Historic Cocoa Village downtown park. ⇓ I arrived a bit early and walked the Village Shops where I found the Ossario Cafe.  Had a delightful sun-dried tomato and Asiago omelette, served with their own freshly baked french...

Irrigation ditch work

Spent a few days building an irrigation diversion box and began the installation yesterday.  Had to break out the side of the concrete V-ditch to make a connection to the new diversion box.  I'll post some 'after' pics in a few days, but this is one taken during the...
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Started a restaurant

It is now mid-may and we're still unpacking at home!  We have started a business as owners of the Flag Creek Cafe, located at the Meeker Golf Course. The startup is taking an inordinate amount of our time and energy, but after two weeks we are beginning to get our...

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Just an update

Spent a bit of time updating the pics pages and moving the site as a sub-web of my weatherweather.net site.  I've always been interested in weather phenomenon and after leaving Bakersfield it dawned on me that I'm finally living in an area that actually HAS...

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We have arrived in Colorado!

Well, we completed our move from Bakersfield to Meeker on November 1, 2001.  Everyone arrived safely and the people, dogs and horses are all fine.  We live about 3 miles outside of town on County Road 4, on the mesa overlooking Meeker and the White River...