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IP Change Completed

...and not a day too soon.  We spent the last half of the month replacing cards in our Alcatel and Cisco hardware and finally established a stable DS3 circuit on February 25th.  Bryan spent every night for the next 5 days updating routers while I handled the customer...

Just an update

Spent a bit of time updating the pics pages and moving the site as a sub-web of my weatherweather.net site.  I've always been interested in weather phenomenon and after leaving Bakersfield it dawned on me that I'm finally living in an area that actually HAS...

Irrigation ditch work

Spent a few days building an irrigation diversion box and began the installation yesterday.  Had to break out the side of the concrete V-ditch to make a connection to the new diversion box.  I'll post some 'after' pics in a few days, but this is one taken during the...

More snow

Another snowstorm today, 10″ plus. Took a slow-motion video out the back window.  Click the square in the lower right corner to adjust to screen size.

Peacock at Magnolia Park

  Unfortunately, although I followed him for about 30 minutes, he didn't open his fantail.  He looks a bit scraggly so it may not have been that spectacular anyway.

Long Overdue Update

Tons of photos! Lots has happened in the past couple years. Left Florida and moved north to New Jersey. I recently spent some time fixing a bunch of issues with this blog and figured I would post some photos.

Holmdel Park & Bell Works Ride

Longest ride to date. Left around 1pm and headed to Holmdel Park. Only took about 45 minutes. After cruising aropund there a bit on the wooded trails we rode to Bell Works, just over a mile away. What a neat place. Grabbed some coffee and headed home. Nice 3 hour trip.

Walking Dead

Rancher in Delta, CO

4th of July Flag and Fireworks

I took the following photo from our back deck using my lowly iPhone 2MP camera.  It shows the fireworks from the lake about a mile away with my backyard flagpole in the foreground.  Just a bit of shadow/highlight adjustment in Photoshop CS3 and it looks OK.

Corn Field Maize and Artwork

Crop circles are taking on new shapes here in Olathe, CO.  The DeVries cut an amazing maze into their cornfield using GPS mapping, creating a huge picture of a farmer on a tractor.  The labyrinth is open from now until Halloween, but for one night only it will be...

Ma Famiglia in Meeker

Went to lunch with Brandy, Matt, Justin, Dakota, Jimmy, Eva and Sandi.  We were there for Justin's opening game 'Cowboy Football!'  Beer choices are sometimes hard, but Drop Top carried the day, and we found that mother Eva reallllly liked it!

Sunset and update

I have been remiss in my posting here so I thought I'd offer up an iPhone photo for your enjoyment.  It was taken using the iPhone app called Panorama that automatically stitches together two adjacent photos.  The frame was added wit the app Photogene. On the...

Last Panzer pic today. Promise


Not much news recently.  As if you wanted to know, I had hernia surgery, all went well.  We have had a very mild winter so far, we're in the middle of the second warm spell which is melting all previous snow causing a 2nd mid-winter 'mud season'.  The...

2015 in Orlando, FL

Beer. Is. Food.

Christmas and New Years

Despite the inactivity here on the site, we did indeed celebrate both Christmas and New Years. Matt, Brandy and the boys arrived on Christmas afternoon, followed shortly thereafter by Jeff and Leta. We enjoyed a fantastic Prime Rib dinner and were joined by Jim and...

Summer ’05

Summer in Meeker is a short-lived thing, and this year it was very comfortable.  Sandi and I took several trips to see Joe and Anita in Missouri, even spent a lot of time looking at property to purchase.  In the end, nothing came of it as there isn't much in the way...
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The Orlando Eye

The Orlando Eye

The Wheel at Icon Park opened on May 4, 2015 and I finally went to check it out! My flight time was scheduled for 4:45 (tickets online in advance), but I received an email about an hour ahead saying it was 'not in operation' and that I could make use of my...



Took a trip to Disney Epcot, haven't been there in 20 years or so. Had a great day just walking all around Bay Lake visiting all the countries. Lunch at Tutto Italia Ristorante in Italy and dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse in the Yacht Club Resort. Beautiful...

Wood Stork

Wood Stork

Spent some time at the lake at the Orlando Fairgrounds watching wildlife.  The Wood Storks were content to stand nearby and splash in the shallows, but eventually took off for parts unknown.   Below: Splashing in the water   Below: Finally got camera shy...

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