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Having a beer with my little friend

He was under my table. He talked me into saving up to 15% on some great discount auto insurance.

c.1971 White Plains, MD

c.1970 Baltimore, MD

He's such a sweet boy! #poodle #dog

Animated Drum Crushing

This is brutal.  What you are seeing is a 55 gallon drum being devoured by a crusher.  Imagine falling into that!  Just a random animated .gif image I ran across.

Wood Stork

Spent some time at the lake at the Orlando Fairgrounds watching wildlife.  The Wood Storks were content to stand nearby and splash in the shallows, but eventually took off for parts unknown.   Below: Splashing in the water   Below: Finally got camera shy and...

Got a new camera

After 10 years or so without a good 35mm SLR I finally bought a Canon EOS 20D Digital SLR.  I'm having a lot of fun taking more photos, especially with the Canon 100-400L USM IS telephoto lens.

New Baby Pics

I have been remiss in posting pics of our new baby girl.   She is about 2 weeks old and we are expecting another around Mother's day.

Just me relaxing. #self #selfportrait

We may be moving…

Although we have listed the house for sale in the past, the market momentum has increased here and delivered a buyer.  We have a good, firm offer and the closing is set for July 2.  Of course we immediately went looking ourselves and we found a nice place in...

Famous Dave’s rocks

All you need to do is check in with the Foursquare app and your second draft is FREE. And during happy hour the 23 oz Sam Adams are only $4!

Aardvark Topsites & PHP v7.2 Fix

Aardvark Topsites is a php script that was originally developed about 15 years ago, designed to present websites as a dynamic ordered list. A topsites list ranks a group of related sites by popularity. Webmasters join the topsites list and are given a button to put on...

Trip to Springfield, MO

I took a 6 day trip to Springfield, Missouri to visit Joe, Anita and Christina who have been living there for the past 10 years os so since moving out of California. 

I want one of these

Heart Attack Burger https://youtu.be/zbKRSYAuSNg

Delta, CO 2012

Holmdel Park & Bell Works Ride

Longest ride to date. Left around 1pm and headed to Holmdel Park. Only took about 45 minutes. After cruising aropund there a bit on the wooded trails we rode to Bell Works, just over a mile away. What a neat place. Grabbed some coffee and headed home. Nice 3 hour trip.

Rest In Peace Bauer

Today after more than 13 years we had to say goodbye to the 3rd of the original 3blackdogs.  Skansen's JA Bauer was a big, lovable brute that never seemed to grow up.  He was always the low man on the totem pole but took it all in stride.  A bit goofy, he often...

Happy New Year 2008

It's official, 2008 is here and Sandi and I hope it brings the best to everyone. [taken with the online snapshot feature of my Canon Weather Cam] From a personal perspective, Christmas could have been a bit more relaxing.  On Dec 16th after 3 days of abdominal pain, I...

A Taste of Sanford

Went to the food and music festival A Taste of Sanford 2015 and got some nice photos. Lots of local food, great band playing and fun stuff for the whole family.  Even the local birds got a treat.   Another view of the same bird was captured against the sky,...

3 degrees this morning

Walmart wallflower #flower

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The Orlando Eye

The Orlando Eye

The Wheel at Icon Park opened on May 4, 2015 and I finally went to check it out! My flight time was scheduled for 4:45 (tickets online in advance), but I received an email about an hour ahead saying it was 'not in operation' and that I could make use of my...



Took a trip to Disney Epcot, haven't been there in 20 years or so. Had a great day just walking all around Bay Lake visiting all the countries. Lunch at Tutto Italia Ristorante in Italy and dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse in the Yacht Club Resort. Beautiful...

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